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Back in December, Credos published Advertising’s Big Questions – six essays by some of our industries’ leading thinkers on those perennial questions about advertising’s impact and role. What is it? How does it work?

Judging by the steam still rising from the servers, the musings of Bullmore, Feldwick and the gang make for popular… content.

We think there’s something in there for everyone that works in advertising – and even for those who don’t. So we’ve put our money where our mouth is, and invested in some advertising…

Just in time for Advertising Week Europe, where London again plays host to the world’s foremost advertising sorts, the bright sparks at 101 have gone and made us a cracker that, in their words, “overlays the big questions with famous brands and advertisers.” Look-y here and see. Thanks to the whole gang, and our friends at Compare the Market, Unilever and Carlsberg for being generous with their IP.

The ads are on digital screens around Zone 1 and on Twitter now, and will run through next week’s jamboree – be sure to grab your own copy of ABQ at venues throughout the week, and read Stephen’s essay on The Big Questions in the AWE brochure.

The Week

The hottest ticket in town next week doesn’t even need an Advertising Week Europe pass – but if you haven’t got your name down already, it’s the waiting list for you. In association with News UK, we’ve got four rising stars on how advertising can regain public trust, David Aaronovitch, beers, and dysfunctional voting equipment. Don’t miss it.

But for lucky delegates, what other sessions are must see? For those that share that tingling sensation in our political Spidey-Sense, try an opening combo of Facebook’s ‘Business Without Borders’ with Nicola Mendelsohn and the CBI’s Carolyn Fairbairn, and the Bloomberg EU Summit with Clear Channel, Google and Dentsu Aegis – before suffering Koko to get a good spot for the All Saints show.

We’d try the Daily Debate on Tuesday to find out what ‘Westminster is the New Brussels’ means, and the Big Data Backlash with the Guardian and LEAD alumnus Alex Steer – before getting the popcorn in for Chris Eubank in conversation with Matt Teeman. There’s breakfast on Wednesday with The Telegraph and Int’l Trade Secretary Liam Fox to talk Brand Britain, and the week is rounded off with Sadiq Khan – who shouldn’t have to work too hard to show that London is very much Open.

Get your rest – there’s a big week ahead.

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