Pecking order

It’s not just the downpour that’s making us put down our choc ices, but the news today that the Department of Health will be funding a dedicated Policy Research Unit on obesity for the next few years, starting this Autumn.

Announced on the anniversary of the Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy, the unit’s work will focus, among other things, on advertising and marketing – with nary a nod in the press release to CAP’s latest tightening of food ad rules as recently as this July.

Since then, tough restrictions on broadcast media were extended to reflect changes in children’s consumption habits, covering cinema, online and social media too. Aside from diminishing funding for children’s content, any further changes to the codes will have little to no effect on children’s health – pick up the phone to Michael if you’re hungry for more.

Devil in the detail

With the incoming General Data Protection Regulation set to overhaul how marketers talk to consumers, data privacy is top of the agenda for adland and Westminister – and this week, the AA’s Digital Charter working group met to outline an imminent to-do list.

With the IAB’s Jon Mew in the Chair, the group will be focusing on ad fraud, ad misplacement, ad blocking and data, with something in writing for a wider industry consultation come September.

It’s all on the agenda come the morning of September 5th and the AA’s rentrée Public Affairs Breakfast, alongside HFSS ads and the Industrial Strategy. The afternoon is dedicated to the latter with DIT officials around to discuss UK advertising’s global positioning – press 1 to RSVP for Breakfast, or press 2 for the low-down on Industrial Strategy.

And finally…

Forget the Lions; if you’re looking for a real assessment of the best of adland’s output over the last one hundred years, look no further than Stephen Woodford’s personal top five.

In celebration of the IPA’s centenary, our Chief Exec has shortlisted the cream of the crop of press and TV ads, from the old school classic to the trailblazer. Taking a look back inevitably invites questions about the future – and it’s definitely advertising. Check out the countdown for some creative inspiration.

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