Capital gains

‘All bets are off’ when Article 50 is triggered, according to Advertising Week Europe boss Matt Scheckner, but based on their fifth outing in Europe’s premier advertising hub this week, they’d be looney to leave.

With over 175 conferences and workshops crammed into four days – all topped and tailed with Leadership Breakfasts, Opening Galas, concerts and, well, attempts at comedy – Europe’s Advertising Week was another roaring success. The digital supply chain and Brexit (of course) were the dominant themes, but it wasn’t all politics and programmatic. Practical advice came thick and fast – from the stage; from the thousands of copies of Advertising’s Big Questions floating around the Picturehouse; or from business leaders like CBI boss Carolyn Fairbairn, who advised all companies (especially creative ones) to keep laser-focused on access to talent. And while nearly 50% of Ad Week speakers were women, MEC’s fancy photography trickery suggests next year’s delegates could use a little extra diversity.

Plenty of food for thought, and lots of video for your weekend journey home. And if you need a bit of cheering up – Al Gore came to the rescue, surprising everyone with some optimism on climate change.Enjoy.

Definitely not nepotism

Last One Standing sure does pack ’em in – and at Picturehouse’s Shutterstock stage, advertising’s next generation skipped the Opening Gala and kicked off the first night of Advertising Week Europe with a timely debate on the best way to regain trust in advertising.

Spectators milled around in the Google Lounge, and our speakers put their best to the test as three-time host David Aaronovitch delivered with his usual panache: sponsors News UK put up their Head of Luxury Jade who turned to Mum for the answers. Generation Media’s Head of Digital Martin, meanwhile, argued that advertising should do more to see itself through the eyes of a child to foster trust and stability in consumers.

But in the end, the vote pitted Diageo Sponsorship Manager Benji and adam&eveDDB Strategy Director Milla against each other in a lightning round of audience Q&As. Benji argued that advertising needs to give us all a little space, while Milla channelled Trump and taught us the Art of the Deal (between public and advertiser). After trading blows, Diageo’s man made it to the winner’s podium. We’ll have the full video for your silver screen available next week.

Final countdown

Our AA policy posse kept things civil this Tuesday, when with just a week to go before Article 50 is triggered, officials from the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy dropped by the AA boardroom for a catch-up on advertising and Brexit.

This is the team tasked with gathering evidence from every sector on Brexit – so we had Credos Deputy Dan Wilks on hand to talk through the results of our recent Brexit survey, while CEO Stephen raised concerns about our industries’ continuing ability to attract global talent.

‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ is the AA’s Brexit motto – and we’re reminding you that our Brexit Taskforce meets next Wednesday with James Murphy in the chair to discuss advertising’s industrial strategy ask to Government. Expression of interest to Naomi, please.

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