Calm before the storm

It’s all quiet on the parliamentary front as recess continues – but that hasn’t stopped Sue Eustace (plus her crack policy team) from coordinating adland’s Brexit position ahead of negotiations this Autumn. After a sleepy summer, the House is expected to roll out its Migration White Paper to clear up any queries around the UK’s access to talent come 2019. It’s one of our Industrial Strategy priorities to make sure we retain a global advantage, a point we’ll be pressing to Government hand-in-hand with the CBI.

Rumour has it that the results of Credos’ second Brexit survey are on the way – another string to the AA’s bow as we highlight our concerns. As things stood last November, 58% were worried that their ability to recruit across the Channel would hinder growth, while 39% wanted free movement to continue once we’ve left the EU. Expect more on advertising’s Brexit anxieties in the very near future. And eyes peeled for a piece next week on your Industrial Strategy/Brexit NTK featuring AA CEO Stephen Woodford…

To Wong Foo, thanks for everything! Love, Julie Newmar

After seven years making sure we had our fonts and facts straight, and advertising didn’t get skewered on the news, Communications Director/defender of advertising’s role, rights and responsibilities Ian Barber makes his move to the Dentsu Aegis Network to make his mark in the agency world.

Thanks Ian – for all the advertising matters edits, early morning radio interviews, jokes, jibes, japes and office runs. Treat of the week goes out to you (really).

Stepping up to the plate in the interim is ex-Lexis MD Dominic Shales, who’ll be bringing his comms nous to the Advertising Association for a short while starting Monday – make sure you give him a warm welcome right here.

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