Hung, drawn and faltered

Another vote, another upset as strong and stable all turned a bit wobbly for Theresa May, prompting the nation to ask…. what on earth does this mean for UK advertising?

As the AA policy team leafs frantically through the DUP’s manifesto, the one thing that’s clear right now, is that nothing’s clear. As AA boss Stephen Woodford put it: “Uncertainty is the word of the day and it will be some time before the full picture emerges. What’s clear is that on the biggest political and economic issue of the day – Brexit – the task got even harder, with the potential for that to crowd out almost anything else.”

For now, at least, it’s the Conservative manifesto that we’re dealing with – and it’s a mixed picture.  An appetite for regulation on data, hot on the heels of GDPR and e-Privacy efforts in Brussels would create yet more uncertainty for data-driven businesses like ours. The Industrial Strategy will, we presume, move forward, with the Creative Industries atop the list of priorities and a clear pitch being made by UK advertising. And, of course, those Red and Yellow watersheds are off the agenda… for the time being, at least.

Which just leaves the small question of Brexit – and what now for an immigration cap, which will do nothing to help UK advertising’s ambition to remain top of the global pile…

If I were a boy

There was at least one successful campaign launch in the last week, courtesy of Media Smart. In a bid to encourage young men across the UK to open up about their body image woes and worries, Boys’ Biggest Conversation (in partnership with children’s newspaper First News) launched on Tuesday.

Thanks to Credos’ Picture of Health report last year, we know body image is increasingly an issue for boys that they don’t feel comfortable talking about. So with the backing of NSPCC and Childline, TV personality and real-life NHS clinician Dr Ranj (plus film crew) visited schools around the country and found that they struggled to reconcile idealised imagery with everyday life – watch what they had to say here. For teachers, the conversation can carry on in the classroom with Media Smart’s Body Image and Advertising resources for secondary schoolers, while parents and guardians can get talking at home with a parent guide.

As Maisie put it in her Campaign column advertising has a duty to get involved.  Feeling dutiful? Pick up the phone to Rachel to chat about industry support.

Advertising advertising advertising 

Keep an eye out for some AA branding up in Scotland next week, as a brand new advertising campaign launches across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen to promote… what else? Advertising.

Thanks to some great work from Brian Coane and the Leith Agency, plus a host of Scottish media giants including Newsquest, Johnston Press and Forrest Media, Advertising Pays Scotland has teamed up with iconic Scottish brands like Irn Bru and the Famous Grouse in print and on posters, as examples of great Scottish advertising success stories.

From nudging Scotland’s whisky brands into bars and clubs in every country around the globe, to investment in advertising supporting 42,000 jobs at home, the campaign illustrates the myriad ways in which ad-land benefits Scotland’s economy and society. As the strapline says…that’s nae bad from an ad. Indeed.

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