It’s a year since Britain voted to leave the European Union. A year in which we have learned relatively little about what happens next or the impact on British business.

Last night the editor of the Evening Standard and former Chancellor of the Exchequer spoke on the importance of the Advertising Association having a “loud” voice in Brexit negotiations. As the editor of a paper entirely funded by advertising, he described the advertising sector as “incredibly important”.

“You shouldn’t be shy about making your voice heard. It’s a big and important industry and [the Advertising Association] and its members have a job to do to make sure its needs are met and understood. That is particularly important now with Brexit,” he said.

Our recent Brexit Survey (Nov 2016) showed that seven out of ten (72%) respondents employ staff from outside the UK, on average 19% of a company’s workforce is non-British EU nationals and 63% of respondents were apprehensive about being able to retain non-British EU workers post Brexit. It’s no wonder that the sector is keeping a close eye on negotiations.

“Don’t be afraid to spell out the consequences if those interests are not taken into consideration,” said Osborne.

“I suspect as the government is buffeted from one turn in the negotiation to another it will be the industries really able to articulate their concerns that will find themselves at the top of the agenda.”

“It needs your association more than at any point in its history to make its voice heard.”