• Scottish brands investing in advertising generate greater brand recognition and market share at home and overseas
  • For every £1 spent on advertising in Scotland, £5 is returned to GDP – in turn supporting 42,000 jobs, wages and the digital and creative sectors

A new advertising campaign, created by The Leith Agency, will promote the benefits of Scotland’s advertising sector to the wider economy.  Aimed at Scottish business and policy-makers, the campaign launches today across print and on-line and with billboards across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Using the strapline “Nae bad from an ad”, the campaign draws on the global successes of well-known Scottish brands including Irn Bru and The Famous Grouse to illustrate how investment in advertising can lead to brand growth.

TLA28975 Advertising Pays Scotland - Irn Bru


The campaign is based on a new report – Advertising Pays Scotland – by the Advertising Association, which demonstrates advertising’s fundamental role in the Scottish economy.  Scottish advertising underpins an £8.8 billion contribution to GDP and supports 42,000 jobs across the country. Advertising also benefits SMEs up to eight times as much as larger firms and early two-thirds of SMEs that advertise report a direct increase in sales.

Brian Coane, Partner at Leith Agency, is behind the campaign and believes that relationships and understanding between the Scottish advertising sector and Holyrood need to improve, with advertising at the heart of the sort of creativity and competition which Scotland will needs to guarantee its future economy.

In addition to benefiting the economy through its impact on markets, advertising revenue fuels Scotland’s media, digital and creative industries, directly funding 7,000 jobs outside of advertising services and a diversity of free programming and services on TV, radio and online.

TLA28975 Advertising Pays Scotland - Famous Grouse