Brexit: it’s still what’s for breakfast…

The not entirely unexpected news that GDP growth slowed down in the second half of 2016 was still a tough pill to swallow – and this week, WPP boss Martin Sorrell forecasted revenue growth between zero and 1% on account of continuing political and economic uncertainty.

No need to sound the alarm just yet though, as one Stephen Woodford took to the radio-waves early Wednesday morning to keep us from any lingering indigestion over Brexit ad anxiety.

He noted that all the bad news column inches come off the back of a surprisingly good year for ad spend in 2016, and that our predictions for further growth are in line with the wider economy. Head this way for the full interview and further reassurance.

Independence Da-ta

While we’ve been concentrating on all the due diligence around the incoming General Data Protection Regulation, the question of data deportment post-2019 has been up in the air for some time. But HMG’s attention turned to the topic this week, publishing their position on data protection and exchange after Brexit.

They’re aiming to keep domestic data laws aligned with our European neighbours’ to keep that precious flow of personal information riding across the Channel currents – meaning all that GDPR prep won’t be going to waste.

In short, the paper proposes building on the existing ‘adequacy’ model to ensure stability while envisaging a role for the ICO in future decision-making – drop a line to Kate to delve deeper into the details. Until then, catch up with all things data at the next public affairs breakfast on 5 September.

Prue Wisdom

Some of you may have heard Mary Berry’s Bake Off replacement, Prue Leith, this week royally putting her foot in it, so to speak. Vocalising a novel idea that for anyone who doesn’t want to watch the advertising – just record it.

Prue’s magnificently (or not) well-timed comment came after the channel’s chief executive Jay Hunt said:

“We are a commercial broadcaster and we do need to pay for shows like Bake Off, so I make no apology for there being ads in it.” Perhaps Prue doesn’t want Bake Off to make it to their next series?!? But we do!

For more information on how advertising finances media content, valued at almost £10bn value to people in the UK, check out Ad Pays 3!

You’ve read the whole thing! You deserve a treat – our ad of the week: