“Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.”

David Ogilvy, once dubbed the ad industry’s ‘most sought-after wizard’, was rarely short of a pithy comment or two.

In an industry as fast paced as advertising, it’s important for us to keep writing new chapters, but also respect those timeless lessons which are as true now as they were when they were written. So, this September we’re teaming up with Google for a Last One Standing back to school special.

Four bright young sparks from across agencies, brands and the media will find those timeless ad land lessons and bring them to life on stage.

Registration is open now, attendance doesn’t cost a penny and there will be plenty of food and drink available in the canteen (don’t worry, we’ve ditched the school dinners for proper grub and beers.) Get in touch to enrol today!

Remembering one of the ad industry’s all-time greats

Ad industry veteran, founder of The Creative Business and long-standing agency creative director, David Bernstein, sadly died on Friday 25th August aged 89. With more than five ad land decades under his belt, he famously wrote and produced two of the adverts shown on commercial TV’s first EVER night in 1955.

HAT’s chairman, Geoff Russell, (and we’re very much in agreement!) sees “David as one of the industry’s true legends.”

Want to see him in action alongside three of UK advertising’s most influential figures, fighting for the importance of creative risk-taking for advertisers? Who wouldn’t?! Check it out here.

Is every (Br)exit covered?

The AA will be hosting a Public Affairs Breakfast next week (5 September) where the wonderful Credos research team will be sharing their latest Brexit survey findings with the who’s who of Westminster! If you want more info on this then Dan’s your man.

In other Brexit-related news, we’ve been liaising with the PBSC (a broader group of professionals in service industries such as architects, management consultants, lawyers, accountants) and bonding over our many common cause areas – primarily access to international talent, mutual market access, and Free Trade Agreements.

PBSC has set up a new regulatory group to discuss what we might collectively want from FTAs – we’ll keep you posted on any updates as they come. Feel free to contact Sue for further info on this front!

And finally…

Our very own Karen Fraser did a spectacular job making the case for advertising, live on BBC WM radio this week. Debate around advertising has been hotting up around The Great British Bake Off bedding into its new Channel 4 home.

Sparing Karen’s blushes, you can have a listen here (it’s 2 hours and 10 mins in for those who don’t want to listen to the full programme!).

You’ve read the whole thing! You deserve a treat – our ad of the week: