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The Advertising Association is its members, and those members are drawn from all sides of the advertising and marketing industry: the advertisers, the agencies and the media owners.

We facilitate discussion amongst members and reduce the costs of information gathering, policy research and political action. We engage with politicians and civil service officials to ensure the UK ad industry’s voice is heard in policy-making and enable our members to co-ordinate their activities and act collectively for the benefit of both individual organisations and the advertising industry as a whole.

There are nearly thirty UK trade associations representing advertising, media and marketing. Through the Advertising Association they come together with a single-voice when speaking to policy-makers and influencers.’

Meet the AA team 

  • Stephen Woodford, Chief Executive, Advertising Association
    Stephen Woodford

    Chief Executive

  • Ged Glover Advertising Association
    Ged Glover

    Commercial Director

  • Sue Eustace Advertising Association
    Sue Eustace

    Director of Public Affairs

  • Karen Fraser, Advertising Association
    Karen Fraser

    Head of Strategy & Director of Credos

  • Matt Bourn, Advertising Association
    Matt Bourn

    Director of Communications

  • Fiona Herm Advertising Association
    Fiona Herm

    Head of Finance

  • Rachel Barber-Mack Media Smart Advertising Association
    Rachel Barber-Mack

    Director, Media Smart

  • Dan Wilks, Advertising Association
    Dan Wilks

    Deputy Director of Credos

  • Kate Foster, Advertising Association
    Kate Foster

    Policy Manager

  • Jeanette Taylor, Advertising Association
    Jeanette Taylor

    Business Development Manager

  • Chris Sutcliffe, Content Publisher, Advertising Association
    Chris Sutcliffe

    Content Publisher

  • Michael Pickton, Advertising Association
    Michael Pickton

    Public Affairs Manager

  • Matthew Evans

    Communications Manager

  • Arabella Banks Advertising Association
    Arabella Banks

    External Relations Coordinator

  • William Wade Mills Advertising Association
    Will Wade Mills

    Account Executive

  • Tom Dennett Advertising Association
    Tom Dennett

    Analyst, Credos

  • Susan Warren Advertising Association
    Susan Warren

    Events and Marketing Manager

Keith Weed

President of the Advertising Association

Keith Weed is widely known for his work at Unilever, particularly around the Unstereotype Alliance which has the goal of making advertising more genuine and representative of society as a whole. He took up the post of President in September 2018, with a remit to lead the industry through issues surrounding Trust, Representation and Trade.

Advertising Association council 

Also on Council are the Chairs of the AA networks including Front Foot and the Media Business Course. As new networks develop – such as our Children’s Panel – they will typically be represented on Council. We also select practitioner representatives from key industry sectors alongside or instead of that sector’s trade association, for example, television, publishers, internet and sponsorship, reflecting their organisation’s direct funding of the AA.

Membership of Council is dynamic, reflecting changes in the constituent trade associations and practitioner organisations as they occur.

Alongside the AA President, Chairman and Chief Executive, the AA Council is comprised of senior representatives from APA, Amazon, CAA, CAP/BCAP, Channel 4, COBA, Discovery, DMA, Facebook, Global, Google, IAB UK, IPA, IPM, ISBA, ITV,  Microsoft, MRS, NMA, OATH, Outsmart, PPA, Radiocentre, Royal Mail, Sky, Twitter, and Viacom along with the Chairmen of Media Smart, Front Foot and the AA Media Business Course.

Advertising Association Board.

The AA Board is responsible for the active management and oversight of the Advertising Association. It directs policy, manages budgets and sets the agenda for the organisation’s Executive.

James Murphy, Chairman
Kelly Williams, Vice-Chair
Stephen Woodford, Chief Executive
Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA
Barry McIlheney, Chief Executive, Professional Publishers Association
David Newell, Chief Executive, News Media Association
Paul Bainsfair, Director General, IPA
Saj Manzoor, Chief Financial Officer, McCann London (AA Honorary Treasurer)
Chris Combemale, Executive Director, Direct Marketing Association
Jon Mew, Chief Executive, Internet Advertising Bureau
Siobhan Kenny, Chief Executive, RadioCentre
Kathryn Jacob, President, Cinema Advertising Association
Ronan Harris, Managing Director, Google UK & Ireland

James-Murphy Advertising Association

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Get involved. 

Whether you’re interested in getting into advertising, joining the Advertising Association community or becoming a member.

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