Vicky Pryce LEAD 2018 Advertising Association

Vicky Pryce

Former Joint Head of the UK’s Government Economic Service.

Stefan Feitoza, Advertising Association LEAD 2018

Stefan Feitoza

Northern Europe Marketing Director at Procter & Gamble.

Andy Street

Conservative Mayor of the West Midlands.

Chuka Umunna, Advertising Association LEAD 2018

Chuka Umunna

Labour MP for Streatham & Former Shadow Business Secretary.

Adam Parsons LEAD 2018 Advertising Association

Adam Parsons

Sky News Business Correspondent.

Alex Mahon LEAD 2018 Advertising Association

Alex Mahon

CEO of Channel 4.

Karen Fraser MBE LEAD 2018 Advertising Association

Karen Fraser MBE

Director of Credos.

James Murphy Advertising Association LEAD 2018

James Murphy

adam & EveDDB Founding Partner & Advertising Association Chairman.

Manjiry Tamhane Advertising Association LEAD

Manjiry Tamhane

Global CEO of Gain Theory.

Keith Morgan LEAD 2018 Advertising Association

Keith Morgan

CEO of British Business Bank.

Steve Richards, Advertising Association LEAD 2017

Steve Richards

 Columnist, Author, Broadcaster, and Presenter for Rock n’ Roll Politics.

Stephen Woodford Advertising Association LEAD 2018

Stephen Woodford

CEO of Advertising Association.

Siobhan Kenny, Advertising Association LEAD 2018

Siobhan Kenny

CEO of RadioCentre.

Alan Erskine, Advertising Association LEAD 2018

Alan Erskine

Managing Director of Credit Suisse.

Nick Manning, Advertising Association LEAD 2018

Nick Manning

 Former Chief Strategy Officer at Ebiquity.

michelle mcettrick, Advertising Association LEAD 2018

Michelle McEttrick

Group Brand Director at Tesco.

Andy Duncan, Advertising Association

Andy Duncan

President of Advertising Association.

Lindsay Pattison

WPP Chief Transformation Officer.

James Wildman CEO Hearst UK

James Wildman

CEO of ‎Hearst UK.

Andy Duncan, Camelot UK Lotteries, AA LEAD17,

The agenda 

Our aim is to provide a forum to consider the biggest challenges and opportunities for the sector as whole with Brexit as the backdrop.

To do this, we are assembling a stellar cast of presenters and panellists, who will help us address seven core questions.

What is the economic outlook and how should this affect our planning?

How are leading companies (media owner, agency and brand) looking at their strategy in light of Brexit? What changes are they making to prepare and what can we all learn from them?

Leaving aside the rest of the world, what can we do to make the most of the opportunity for domestic growth across the UK?

At a time when pressure is growing on businesses to justify every bit of spend, are we properly confronting the difficult issues facing the sector – from transparency to measurement? How is advertising currently seen in the boardroom?

How can we continue to attract and develop the right talent to remain a truly global hub for advertising? How may Brexit affect our ability to keep the flow of international talent that helps to make London and the UK such a successful global centre?

Is advertising delivering adequately for the world’s biggest brands? How is the landscape changing and how do we need to adapt to respond?

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“The Advertising Association is important not only because it promotes the value of what we do, but also because it creates the space through events like LEAD – for us to put aside competitive instincts (briefly) and ensure that the currency we all trade in remains strong.”

Martin Sorrell, CEO WPP

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