At this year’s LEAD we brought our industry together with business and politicians to look at the issues that will shape the year ahead.

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The best of #LEAD18

#LEAD18 | 25 January 2018

LEAD Greatest Hits

In case you need any further persuasion…

“The Advertising Association is important not only because it promotes the value of what we do, but also because it creates the space through events like LEAD – for us to put aside competitive instincts (briefly) and ensure that the currency we all trade in remains strong.”

Martin Sorrell, CEO WPP


Chuka Umunna MP on Brexit

#LEAD18 | 25 JAN 2018

Steve Richards’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Brexit

#LEAD18 | 25 JAN 2018

Driving growth across the UK

#LEAD18 | 25 JAN 2018

P&G’s Stefan Feitoza on sustainable growth

#LEAD18 | 25 JAN 2018


Secretary of State Karen Bradley

#LEAD2017 | 19 JAN 2017

Advertising advertising

#LEAD2017 | 19 JAN 2017

The ethics of the echo chamber

#LEAD2017 | 19 JAN 2017

Why the big questions matter

#LEAD2017 | 19 JAN 2017

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