LEAD '19

The UK's flagship advertising event

LEAD is the only event that brings together leaders from the political, brand, media and agency sectors to build a discussion around the challenges and opportunities in the advertising industry.

Jigsaw Immigration advertising campaign

Jigsaw "<3 Immigration" by The Corner

We work hard to maintain a positive legislative and regulatory climate for our industry: self-regulation works.

We help Government make the right decisions about advertising policy in a wide range of areas such as: food, gambling, children, Digital.

We bring together sometimes opposing views to get consensus across the industry.

We are constantly representing the consensus views of many of the UK’s leading companies around areas of economic growth and social responsibility.

the benefits of advertising.  

We deliver campaigns to increase MPs and other important stakeholders understanding of advertising.

Funded by our Front Foot members, we run campaigns that positively promote the industry.

One of our most important campaigns is Advertising Pays, which shows the value and benefit of advertising.

Lloyds, Channel 4, GetTheInsideOut

Lloyds Bank "Get the inside out" by Adam & Eve/DDB

Because we think UK advertising is something to be proud of. 

Every £1 spent on advertising contributes £6 to UK GDP.

Nearly 1 million jobs in the UK depend on advertising.

Since 2005 the UK has won more Cannes Lions than any other European country – over 1500.

35% of the top 20 UK ad agencies’ total revenue is generated by overseas business – almost £300 million.

Advertising export growth outstrips the wider economy and the creative industries.

The UK exports more advertising services than it imports to the tune of £1.6 billion – this is the largest trade surplus in ad services in Europe.

Growth in exports of advertising is larger than that of the wider economy, with annual UK exports of advertising services worth £4.3 billion.

Credos Advertising's Think Tank, Advertising Association

What are we doing to promote UK advertising?

As part of our ‘Advertising Pays 6: World class advertising, world class talent’ research the Advertising Association (as the voice of the UK ad industry) are dedicated to bringing to life first-hand what makes the UK such a creative powerhouse – the people.

As the advertising sector faces unprecedented challenges, both from within and externally, we hope that both the research and supporting ‘A Great Advert for Britain’ campaign we have created can not only help employers make better decisions about their talent pipelines but that it will also inform policy makers and educators on what’s required to ensure the sector continues to thrive

Get involved. 

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