How can advertising drive the UK's industrial strategy?

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There are two strategic opportunities for the Government's Industrial Strategy. 

Advertising benefits the economy and incentivising its use will help to structure the UK economy for long term success. Interestingly, research has shown that investment in advertising in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is even more powerful than similar investments by larger companies. Using this learning, the Advertising Association has devised a package of measures that industry and Government can implement under the industrial strategy to deliver long term sustainable growth.


What are the potential benefits to UK plc of the Advertising Association's proposal? 

The UK’s advertising industry is a world leader, delivering an export value second only to the United States in size. London is clearly the leading advertising hub in Europe and vies with New York as the pre-eminent global centre of excellence. However, Brexit provides an opportunity for competitors such as Amsterdam, Berlin, New York and some Asian hubs to try and attract business from the UK. They are investing in communication campaigns, direct engagement, incentive schemes and fast efficient support (e.g on visas, licenses etc) to attract corporates and individuals. The UK will need to take similar action to maintain its position as the “go to” market for companies to place their global advertising accounts, and the “go to” place for talented people in the advertising and media sector to work.

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What are our proposed next steps?  

Investigate the proposals further.

Begin formulating how we could implement the proposals.

How would we evaluate and enhance the proposals?

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